The Hass Avocado campaign of Chile in China started, promoted by our Committee

This was the day that started at the beginning of November in China with our Hass Avocado Committee, with the purpose of launching the intensive promotion and marketing campaign in the main cities. The objective is to encourage the consumption of Chilean avocado among the population, highlighting the quality and health benefits of this natural food.

The consumption of avocado has been increasing in China in recent years, a phenomenon that is explained by the greater knowledge and preference of consumers for this fruit, which has been incorporated gradually, but sustained to the food diet of the population. This also value their taste, the consumer prefers it because it is healthy and nutritious, especially young people and women.
It should be noted that the Chilean avocado is a premium quality product, certified under the most demanding international protocols, which is grown naturally in the valleys of central Chile and has conquered the main world markets.
The cities that were visited by our Committee were Shanghai, Beijin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu.
This campaign that had points of sale was accompanied by marketing and promotion actions in some restaurants, gyms and wellness places, in parallel to a campaign of diffusion through social networks and e-commerce platforms, inviting consumers to try and enjoy this Chilean fruit and take care of your health through a healthy, nutritious and functional diet.
The promotion was focused on four main groups: children, athletes or lovers of wellness, pregnant women and the elderly, considering the advantages of avocado as a functional food for the nutritional needs of each of these groups.
«La Palta Chilena, like wines, salmon, cherries and other Chilean products, have been widely accepted and have become ambassadors of Chilean foods in the Chinese market,» said Francisco Contardo General Manager of the Avocado Committee Hass of Chile.


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